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How technology could transform drug research in 2022

When we think of new technologies in medicine, we tend to conjure images of futuristic AI computers, 3D-printed organs, and robot surgeons. The ambitious and lesser-explored methods currently being applied in drug discovery and development, however, could prove to be just as exciting.

A GlobalData survey this year revealed that over 70% of pharma industry respondents anticipate drug development will be the area most impacted by the implementation of smart technologies. As the year draws to a close, Pharmaceutical Technology takes a look at some of the technological innovations and approaches that could transform drug research in 2022.

More recently, in November, digital QC company SEEQC announced that its UK-based team had been awarded a £6.85m grant from the country’s government agency Innovate UK. With the funding, SEEQC will build and deliver a full-stack quantum computer to be used for drug development by German multinational Merck KgaA.

“The demonstration of quantum utility – defined as a quantum system outperforming classical processors of comparable size, weight and power in similar environments – could become valuable for the discovery of new materials and new medicines,” Doherty says.

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